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The Broken Journey

Gabriel's will to go on is slipping away.

The Broken Journey is a story years in the making. I have travelled to many places seeking inspiration to create its world, one of desolation where the value of life and hope is forgotten. Its destiny hangs in the balance.

The Story

Weeks have passed since Reyna, the only love he's ever known, was taken from him, and there is no way to get her back. She has been carried to a place he cannot follow, so in despair, he instead takes a journey they had planned together across a wasteland he doubted they could ever survive. Now at the other end, Gabriel is free from the tyranny of the government that enslaved them from youth, but instead of peace, he finds only the ghosts of his past beckoning him home. 

The first book in the Broken Journey series will be released May 30, 2018. Stay tuned for updates, releases of chapters, short stories, and other easter eggs as the rest of the year comes and goes.

That is what Gabriel's mother taught him when he was young. Raised in a labor camp, it was hard for Gabriel to avoid the despair all around him, even protected by the guards with his parents during his younger years. But when something happens that turns the guards against the family, taking Gabriel's parents away, he turns to this belief in order to find the will to go on and make his own life

Years later, he is in a lull, hiding away in the ruined city and working when he must to live a life of relative luxury. But that changes when Reyna, a young thief from a similarly tragic childhood, crosses paths with him while fleeing the guards.

But the love they find in the months that follow does not last, not with the heartache that consumes Reyna at the memories she hides even from Gabriel. She asks him to leave with her, but when they fail and she is taken away, he is left alone to make the journey, one that only leads him back the way he came toward a past he can't seem to escape.

Death cannot stop the return of life
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Although Crystal Palace was my first published story, my work on The Broken Journey preceded it by several months. I actually released its first chapter on my blog in August 2012. In truth, it is the story that began my journey in writing. I sent it to friends and famly members, excited at my passion for storytelling that was only just starting to bud. Like Sasha, I was forcing myself down a road in life that I knew wouldn't make me happy. And like him, I was pulled back home.

Notes from the Author
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