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Kaela, a princess of the mythical kingdom of Kalepo, has viewed them from above for all her life. But after her father's sudden death, Kaela is exiled from the kingdom by her older sister Mariam, who claims their father's throne within moments of his passing.

By being made an outcast, Kaela is forced not only to say goodbye to her homeland, but also to all of civilization. Kalepo is known only to itself, meaning that Kaela should expect to find a world devoid of humanity beyond the kingdom's borders. Yet, something her father whispered to her on his deathbed tells her there is more out there, a world of dark secrets her father intended for her to discover.

She must find an object buried in the mountains and deliver it to a woman who lives in secret among the mystical plains. But she is not alone. Something in the shadows is following her, even as she flees the city guards who seem to know of her mission. But more awaits her than she can even imagine.

The misty plains hide many secrets
Where to read the Outcast series

This story originates from my first idea on how I wanted to create a website to promote my writing. I called it the crossroads, a place that connected all the worlds my stories take place in. To do so, I needed a crossworlds, a path you could take to get to any of them. For me, Kaela started out as an adventurer on that path, but then her story became something more. I stopped telling her where I thought she should go. Now, I'm just following along.

Notes from the Author
The Outcast and the Survivor

Kaela's father is dead, and her sister Mariam has taken the throne. Her first act as queen is to exile Kaela, who must now flee the city guards and escape into the mountains north of the city. But Kaela knows a secret, one whispered to her by her father on his death bed, that there are people in the mystical plains beneath the city, and she must go find one of of them and deliver something buried in the mountains. But that is all she knows. The rest of the mystery remains for her to unfold.

Part I of this series was released in 2015 one chapter at a time, but is now available as a twelve-chapter story. I've included a sample chapter at the bottom of this page. In January, an updated volume for Part I will be released for e-book and paperback purchase. 

The Story

"No matter how far the sea goes in any direction, there is always a shore on the other end and a vessel strong enough to carry you."

Take a quick read

As was mentioned above, the beginning of this story was originally released as a free twelve-part chapter series. Even though the paperpack and full Part I versions do have a price (substantial revisions and edits have been made), I still have listed the original versions that were published in 2015, which can be read by chapter at any time.

If you want to get into the Outcast series without committing anything, I encourage you to take a look at these. Keep in mind, however, that some changes have been made to the story that go beyond simple grammar fixes. Still, enjoy! 

Read Part I for free by the chapter