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Distant Souls

Alex nearly drowned when he was four. 

The Story

It was because of something he saw: a girl from a faraway world. Or something he didn't see, as his parents told him. There are strict laws against belief, against visions. These relics of the past are dead to society, so Alex was taught to forget. He keeps seeing new visions, but he knows that he must keep them secret. 

Now a teenager, Alex is at an age he must choose which of the society's life tracks he will follow, and the mysterious girl beckons him toward the stars. She has tried to show him where she is among the stars, and if there is a way to get there, he will do anything to find it. 

This story of love and belief is a long way from being written, but I look forward to when its pages start to turn.

The first book in the Distant Souls series will be released May 30, 2019. Stay tuned here for updates, releases of chapters, short stories, and other easter eggs as the months come and go.

Alex's world is filled with peace. There was a time of great conflict, but those days passed when in the aftermath of global destruction, a new power emerged that forsook the beliefs of the past for something better. That sacrifice of faith seemed worth it to most, but it means Alex cannot share the things he sees, visions of another world far away.

Yet as a teenager, he must make a choice of what to do with his life, and the visions he has point him toward the stars. There is a girl somewhere up there in a world he does not know, and she is calling for him to find her.

To have that hope, he must first enter the academy, the only path that will lead a youth to the space station that surrounds his planet and the worlds beyond it. But his body is weak from a drowning as a child, meaning he will need a miracle to get through his training. Yet he has to try, though his decision will drag someone else, a love from his childhood, to follow in his dangerous footsteps.

There's a truth beyond understanding
Where Distant Souls will be released

Those who are really familiar with my writing know that I love exploring the lines between faith and reality. I believe there is undeniably something beyond the science that explains the way this world works. It is experienced by different people in different ways, but there is something that connects us beyond the air we breathe and the words we share. This story explores that and the power of love even across worlds, and I look forward to the journey's start.

Notes from the Author
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