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Serene and beautiful, a place revered as sacred since its discovery, the valley of Khyrah is an emblem of peace and hope. Its kings play the role of sages for the kingdoms around it, giving wisdom and sowing peace. Only, that peace will not last as a shadow from far away looms near.

Adria, the princess of Khyrah, doesn't see that coming storm for what it is, and worries more about who she will choose as the next king. It is her role in Khyra's traditions to choose the next king, but she fears the deception that surrounds her quest as she seeks to finally escape the isolation of her lonely life in the kingdom's Crystal Palace.

Meanwhile, it is the duty of her adopted brother Alec, leader of Khyrah's armies, to alongside the king ensure that Adria will have a future to inherit. But neither he nor the king could ever envision what role an obscure child of the wilderness will play in the plans they've set in motion.

Khyrah is a kingdom in the mountains
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Believe it or not, this story came because I was a bad dater in college. So bad that in frustration I came up with this story to explain why I was failing with the ladies. My story was that of a young man hoping so desperately to impress a princess that he forgets to be himself. Like the those who court Adria early in Crystal Palace, I was simply trying too hard. But thanks to my poor luck, you have this wonderful story, and don't worry. I found my princess.

Notes from the Author
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Crystal Palace: The Coming Storm

This medieval fantasy follows the paths of three people who hold the fate of a kingdom in their hands: Adria, the princess of Khyrah, Alec, her adopted brother, and Farrow, a boy from the forest pulled against his hopes into a world he wants no part of. When an empire from the East threatens war and destruction on the rest of the world, each has a part to play in a plot to save it, one that seems hopeless almost from the start 

Below, you will find a longer synopsis of what this story is all about, where you can buy it, a short sample, and some goodies. When I published this in 2015, I wrote a number of other stories to go with it, and am working on a few more. Look at what is there, and stay tuned for more exciting news about the world of Eretsfel.

The Story


"We are all slaves to the devils and angels within. Our only difficult choice is deciding which ones we will have as masters. After that, life is beautifully simple, even when both sides might tell us to do the same thing"